Ratchet tie down lashing straps


  • 4 pcs. lashing strap 2000 dan kg 6m, strap width 35 mm two-piece. Belt and ratchet. Handle in metal, no plastic. Longer durability 
  • !!! IMPORTANT !!! Our belts are safe and officially approved for load securing / Comply with DIN EN 12195-2 / Label with all legal notices on the belt strap and ratchet 
  • The lashing strap with ratchet is hooked in at the right and left ends. The lashing strap is pulled through the metal ratchet and tensioned with the lever until the tensioning force is reached 
  • Our most popular lashing strap for almost every application. No matter if hobby camper forwarder or carrier. For lashing eyes in trailer semitrailer 
  • INDUSTRIE PLANET stands for load securing with responsibility: Whether you are a camper, caravan driver, haulage contractor, truck driver, you will always receive very good and consistent quality from us


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Product description

4 x professional lashing strap 2-part

Our belts are manufactured for us and marked with our labels (Brand and manufacturer: Oliver K?hn / INDUSTRIE PLANET)

Our belts comply with DIN EN 12195-2

All legally required information can be found on the labels

(ATTENTION: Belts are only permitted for securing the load if they comply with this DIN standard)

Total length: 6 meters (loose end 5.5 m + ratchet end 0.5 m)
belt width: 35 mm
Standard claw hook
Manual force SHF: 50 daN (50 kg)
Preload force STF: 200 daN (200 kg)
LC strapping tensile force: 2 000 daN (2 tonnes)
LC tractive force straight: 1 000 daN (1 ton)
Colour: orange
Material: Polyester
Label with certificates and standards on both parts (loose end and ratchet)
The labels are inside, protected between the webbing
Ideal for open transports, no more tearing of the label in the wind
Galvanized metal ratchet, good rust protection in rain
Din / Standard: EN 12195-2

The optimal belt for securing your load.

Do not play with your life and that of your fellow men!!!

Belts should be checked regularly for cracks and wear and tear and should be replaced immediately in the event of damage (discarded). Only then is optimal use guaranteed.


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