Car Plug Adapter, 240V 2A AC Mains


  • Standard UK 3-pins plug, universal AC to DC power converter. 
  • Output DC 12V, up to 2A, 24W. 
  • Converts household 240V AC to 12 V DC for your 12-Volt Products and Accessories, can incarnate as home cigarette lighter 
  • The car cigarette lighter socket is suitable for Driving recorder, electronic dog, car charger and other automotive electronic equipment. 
  • Built in safety features include Overload Protection, any problem please feel free to contact with us. 

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Product description

Colour Name:black


Input voltage:220-240V AC

Standard UK 3-pins Plug

Output: DC 12 volts—2A

Output rated current:2A

Output rated power:24W



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