Colperun Cheesecloth, Grade 90


  • 100% UNBLEACHED COTTON – Colperun cheesecloth is made from 100% natural food grade cotton, never been dyed or bleached. There is no color will dye over the cheese, yogurt, turkey or any other foods. 
  • GRADE 90 CHEESECLOTH – Grade 90 is the highest grade and best quality in cheesecloth. It has 44×36 threads/inch, more impurities will be filtered out. It is perfect for household cooking and chef’s ingredients preparation because of its durability. 
  • LINT FREE& REUSABLE – Only pure cotton can be used in our Grade 90 Cheesecloth, we always refuse and never get recycled fibers or other impurities in the cloth. Therefore our cheesecloth is lint free and no easy to get loose. And it also can be reusable many times over, just need to clean it with a mild detergent and warm water. 
  • HOUSEHOLD MULTIPLE USES – Our cheesecloth is a very versatile tool in the home! It is very useful when you are making soft cheeses or yoghurt, basting or stuffing poultry, roasting turkey or chicken, keeping chicken or fish intact when poaching, wrapping spices, straining stocks, squeezing juice without seeds, wine making, crafting, wrapping, cleaning etc. 
  • A MUST PREPARATION FOR HALLOWEEN – Colperun cheesecloth is perfect for Halloween decorations because it’s free transform and free cutting. You can prepare it for making ghosts, spider webs, scary customizing, wrap pumpkins into mummies and any other scary but interesting things. 

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