Magformers 701005 30 Magnetic Construction Set. STEM Toy


  • The original Magformers magnetic construction set and a favourite seller the world over Contains squares and triangles and the set to use to build the famous Magformers rhombi cuboctahedron 
  • Includes step by step idea booklet showing numerous models to build 
  • Teaches shape transformation from 2D to 3D construction Children can use basic Magformers geometric shapes to create 2D flat plans (known as nets) but also 3D figures Very easy to lay Magformers flat forming a mathematical net and pull them up to form 3D towers cubes and other shapes 
  • Magformers unique rotating magnet design always attracts never rejects Magformers shapes always securely attach Our pieces are made from a specially-toughened ABS plastic and our magnets are sealed in the edges of each piece Because they are free-spinning they always connect and never repel We are tested and approved in quality and safety standards all over the world 
  • Compatible with all authentic Magformers shapes and accessories 
  • Build numerous models quickly and easily Combining and connecting magnetic pieces helps understand the concepts of space principles of parts and whole 2D shapes and patterns 
  • High quality ABS plastic and neodymium magnet construction with 100% global safety 
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Product Description

This is the world’s biggest-selling Magformers set with 18 squares and 12 triangles Award-winning Magformers are rainbow-coloured magnetic geometric pieces Magnets safely sealed in the edges of each piece rotate in any direction so always connect Children can create numerous 2D and 3D model builds – and even the renowned Magformers 26-sided rhombi cuboctahedron includes 18 squares 12 triangles plus an idea Book squares measure approximately 2 5 inches (6 cm) wide The magnets sealed in every edge rotate so pieces always connect when brought together Magformers has a 100% global safety record ages 3+

Safety Warning

Small parts choking warning.



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