Magformers 717001 Amazing Police


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  • The award-winning design and construction of Magformers helps to explore and develop children’s creativity. At the core of the company, is the concept of 3D Brain Training ? which helps children to develop comprehensive three-dimensional thinking through play. Children can use basic Magformers geometric shapes to create 2D ?flat? plans (known as nets), but also 3D figures. It’s very easy to lay Magformers flat, forming a mathematical net, and pull them up to form 3D towers, cubes and other shapes. 
  • 30-in-1 set : over 30 different models can be made 
  • New wheels click together 
  • Magformers has received more than 50 global educational and toy awards 
  • Contains Magformers transforming parts and accessories 
  • Two characters: police officer and firefighter  included 
  • Magformers pieces contain neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity. The magnets are safely sealed in each edge, but because they rotate they always attract and never repel – making construction of models quick, easy, fun and creative. 


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This 26-piece magnetic construction set from award-winning Magformers combines 13 magnetic shapes with 13 new add-on pieces to make an entire police and fire rescue themed play world. It?s super-cool and ultra creative. Using the magnetic geometric shapes and adding the Extras, children can make loads of different exciting emergency themed vehicles and buildings and experience role play by using the new action transforming pieces. These include a ?siren/light block piece? that transforms into propeller blades, a driver cab/cockpit, container/Cell and bull bars/window grille. With new firefighter and police officer figurines, this magnetic play set is a must-have for creative kids who love construction toys and the emergency services. There’s a new click-together magnetic wheel design too ? so you can make a strong, short wheelbase by coupling the wheels together ? or use the magnetic triple-square (rectangle) to make a longer wheelbase! The Magformers police and rescue set makes over 30 different models ? vehicles and buildings ? and is fully compatible with all other Magformers sets.



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