Our Anniversary Card from Hallmark – Cute Ted & Ginger Design



  • Celebrate the Reality of marriage with this Honest, humorous and sweet Anniversary card from Hallmark. 
  • Embossed details. Red heart-shaped gem attachment. 
  • Plain white Envelope 
  • Message reads: front: Here’s to us on our Anniversary we’ve seen each other grumpy, and we’ve seen each other glad… We’ve seen some good behaviour and of course, we’ve seen some bad! You’ve even seen my wobbly bits but still adore me more each day? I’ve seen you with a runny nose and love you anyway! Inside: you’ve seen me when I’m slobbing out and still think that I’m cute… I’ve seen you dressed up to the nines and in your birthday suit! We’ve seen The worst, we’ve seen The best – and like we always knew… No matter what life’s Ups and downs, we’ll see each other through! Happy Anniversary 
  • Measures 22.8cm by 15.9cm, within Standard UK ‘Letter’ Size limits
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Celebrate the reality of marriage with this honest, humorous and sweet Anniversary card from Hallmark. Featuring a cute cartoon style design and a relatable verse, paired with embossed details and a red heart-shaped gem attachment, This is a fun, funny and pretty realistic look at what makes a marriage work.


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