The Executioner Fly Killer Mosquito Swatter Racket


  • Finest quality single layer racket for most efficient zapping. 
  • Strong robust design made to last with long reach handle with an overall height of 51cm giving you that much-needed reach when needed most, don?t except anything less. 
  • Super tuned electronics that have been tested to over 100,000 zaps for more reliability and consistent zapping power. 
  • Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor uses Barbeques Camping Holidays. It?s the perfect zapping companion and an ideal gift. No more need to Fly Spray or FlyPaper. 
  • The Executioner range is widely regarded as the ultimate quality zapper. 

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Size Name:The Executioner

Product Description

Simply press the button and swing, once the Fly, Wasp or Bug touches the screen it will be instantly zapped unlike the 3 layer rackets who often have to try several times to get a zap because of the dead outer layers. Superb build quality, genuine branded Executioner, not a cheap copy.
Ideal for home, office, camping, barbecues and any outdoor activities where flying bugs bother you. The instant zap single layer 1.2mm zinc steel grill made with ABS plastic not brittle recycled plastic. Positive on and off button with LED warning light and instant off once button released. Very high quality electronics which have been tested to over 100,000 zaps. Ideal for a gift.
Our racket comes with free branded alkaline batteries, fully CE approved and UK Trading Standards passed. We back our product with 1 years full warranty, our racket is built to last.

Box Contains

1 x Executioner Fly Zapper
2 x Alkaline AA Batteries


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