Turtle Wax 51768 Headlight Restorer Car


  • #1 Selling Headlight Kit! Removes Medium Oxidation And Seals Headlights To Prevent Future Yellowing To Improve Headlight Performance. 
  • The kit dramatically restores dull, yellowed headlights to like-new clarity for bright headlighs. 
  • Improve lens appearance and enhance visibility for safer and more enjoyable driving experience. 
  • Easy to use: superior results without using a power tool. Simple application without the need for extra tools or previous experience. 
  • Have A Question? Send Us A Message And Our Higly Skilled Team Will Address It Right Away. 
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Product description

Product Description


Thoroughly clean headlight lens and use masking tape to protect nearby painted surfaces.


Apply Lens Clarifying Compound to one lens at a time. If not fully clear, apply included spray lube and use Restoration Pads on problem spots.


Use Lens Sealing Wipe to add a protective layer.


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