WD-40 Specialist, High Perf


  • SILICONE BENEFITS ? This lubricant works in all temperatures and doesn’t attract dirt like oil-based lubes can. Protects components against moisture. The 360? valve makes hard-to-reach jobs possible. Use on metal, plastic, rubber and wood
  • 100s OF USES : Lubricate and waterproof door locks & door hinges, rubber seals on car or caravan doors, stop car doors freezing shut in Winter, lubricate curtain rails, hinges and sliders on double glazing doors… and dozens more uses around the home, garden, car, workplace and sports equipment 
  • HIGH-PRESSURE EQUIPMENT : Formulated for improved performance on high-pressure equipment such as hydraulics, valves and fittings in industry or the workplace 
  • WD-40 SMART STRAW : never lose the straw again! Flip up for stream, down for spray. For a precise, narrow spray. 360? valve allows for upright or upside down application, making every job possible 

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Size Name:400ml

Product Description

Silicone lubricant from the WD-40s Specialist range. Comes in a 400ml spray can with Smart Straw for precise or wide dispersion, and 360? valve, enabling upright or upside-down use. Suitable for jobs of all kinds. A hardworking, lubricating formula that prevents parts from sticking and repels dirt and moisture without staining. Particularly effective in prolonging the life of rubber components. Suitable for use on high pressure equipment. Withstands temperatures from -35?C to +200?C. Ideal for UPVC window and door latches; garage door runners; fishing reels; plumbing fittings; car door and window seals.Boiling Point (initial) : 221-271 Degree Celsius, Flash Point : >69 Degree Celsius

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The customer will receive their can of WD-40 Specialist


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